My AirAsia flight revisited

From the British Virgin Islands to Dubai (more on that soon), Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and New Zealand to Seattle, I am on the road – and in the skies! – at the moment.

It has been wonderful spending lots of time at home on Moskito Island and Necker recently, but it is always exciting to set off on new travels. While many of my trips are to support Virgin businesses, most of my time is now spent working for our non-profit ventures.

That was the case as we set off for Malaysia to raise funds for Virgin Unite, speaking at the Global Transformation Forum. Helen and I travelled on an AirAsia X flight, an airline we invested in ran by my good friend Tony Fernandes.

As many of you may remember, we shared a friendly bet a few years ago that ended up with yours truly serving as an AirAsia X flight attendant in a female uniform. This time around I apologised to the crew for not having my uniform on.

To be fair, after one memorable shift – Tony ended up drenched in smoothies and I listened to business pitches from entrepreneurs while fixing my make-up – I was fired by Tony. Which reminds me, I must get him back one of these days…

At the speaking engagement, I carried my trusty pair of scissors onstage with me, just in case anybody was a little too corporate for my liking. This time I cut the ties off our host, CNN anchor Richard Quest, and Pemandu CEO Datuk Seri Idris Jala. No tie is safe around me!

From Kuala Lumpur we headed on to Singapore and now we’re off to New Zealand to raise funds for good causes. Here’s some more information about all of my speaking engagements for our entrepreneurial foundation Virgin Unite. 

Then we will be moving on to Seattle to celebrate Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight – join us for a livestream of Business Is An Adventure. This time around we will be focusing on people who have built fascinating businesses and inspiring careers free from restriction.

Join yours truly and some visionary rule-breakers live on both and the Virgin Atlantic Facebook page from 11:00am PT on March 28th.

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