Move the date of Earth Overshoot Day

 On August 8th last year, I blogged that it was Earth Overshoot Day – the date when humanity’s demand on nature exceeded what Earth could renew in the whole year.

Sadly, it looks like Overshoot could come even earlier this year. Determined for this not to happen, The B Team is calling for bold action to move the date.

As it currently stands we need 1.6 Earths to support our demand on nature. Overshoot happens through overfishing, overharvesting, and over-emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Worryingly, a state of ecological overshoot is only possible for a limited time, before ecosystems begin to degrade or collapse. In other words, if we keep using nature’s resources and services like we are, we will all suffer a very sad fate. 

Our everyday actions are gravely hurting the planet. In order to move the date, we are calling on everyone to take a look at just one aspect of their consumption – be it food, energy or transportation. If we can all reduce our consumption patterns, we will not just move this dooms-day date, but end it for good. 

With the Global Goals in place we must do everything we can to drive positive change. Now is the time for action. How will you help move the date?


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