Kickstarting my New Year’s resolutions at Mont Rochelle

It’s such a treat to visit our beautiful vineyard at Mont Rochelle, just outside of Cape Town. 

Mont Rochelle

My New Year’s resolution is to get unbelievably fit so I’m ready for a trip into space, so I’m making sure I’m keeping active even while travelling.

I got up early each morning and had a hard game of tennis with our manager there – but I think he let me win.

Luckily, the weather is just stunning nearly all year round in South Africa and Mont Rochelle is in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. You can go out on bikes and discover the stunning scenery, play tennis or go hiking up Table Mountain. 

Mont Rochelle is in the wine district and I usually enjoy having a small glass of wine over dinner (the wine we produce is delightful!). However, this time around I stuck to soft drinks as I’m also taking part in dry January and not drinking alcohol for the month.  

Our staff are fortunate enough to spend time with Archbishop Tutu who goes and visits Mont Rochelle with his delightful wife Leah.

We’re lucky to visit Mont Rochelle when we’re in South Africa on business or after we’ve been on safari at Mahali Mzuri or Ulusaba, which are only a short flight away.


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