Joining the Virgin Radio Dubai Kris Fade Breakfast Show

Such a pleasure to visit Virgin Radio Dubai and to spend some time on the Kris Fade Breakfast Show.

Richard Branson on air with Virgin Radio Dubai
On air with Kris Fade

We chatted all about the importance of eating well and being healthy  – I have to say he’s looking very trim! We swapped gym tips (I’ve recently started lifting weights for the first time and love the adrenaline rush). He said he’s been seeing the benefits of occasional fasting, which I also do on Friday mornings and have seen the health benefits (it's not difficult to do - I just miss one breakfast a week). 

He also asked about all the exciting things going on across the Virgin Group – from going into space with Virgin Galactic, our new cruise ships Virgin Voyages and our Virgin Hotels opening.


Richard Branson on Virgin Radio Dubai's Kris Fade Breakfast Show
Great to chat to Kris Fade on his breakfast show recently

I was quite tired before the interview, but Kris’ enthusiasm is infectious and, along with a coffee, it definitely woke me up and got me going for the day. Listening to him live it’s no wonder his show is Dubai’s number one breakfast show - he’s such good fun.

He asked how ‘the other Chris’ was getting on over on Virgin Radio UK. I’m only hearing great things and it’s so wonderful to have Chris Evans back on Virgin Radio.


Richard Branson on air with Virgin Radio Dubai
On air with Virgin Radio Dubai

We also spoke about entrepreneurship and my advice to anyone thinking about pursuing their own venture is “Screw it, let’s do it!” It’s never been easier to start a business – the internet provides so much information and opportunities and luckily there are many people who have done a similar thing who you can look to follow. Kris has started his own healthy eating business for kids – Fade Fit Kids - and he says it was a lot harder than he anticipated but incredibly rewarding. Having two young daughters, he said he was fed up of the rubbish they were eating so decided to do something about it. That, at the heart of it, is what entrepreneurship is about - seeing a problem and looking to fix it and making people’s lives better as a result. 

Live on the Kris Fade Breakfast Show
Great to see the Virgin Radio Dubai team
Richard Branson's visit to Virgin Radio Dubai
Thanks for having me Virgin Radio Dubai

A feature of Kris’s show is the Old School Track request and I was given the honour of picking a song. I chose Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes because he is one of Joan’s favourites and it was the day before Valentine’s when I was on air.

Really proud that Virgin Radio Dubai is the UAE’s number one hit music station across all languages and stations - well done team and keep up the great work.


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