It doesn't have to be fun to be fun

"It doesn't have to be fun to be fun" - a lovely true comment that a friend, Kristen Ulmer, said to me the other day.

Some of the most fun (and painful) experiences I've had with my children Holly and Sam have been our adventures together: trying to break the Transatlantic sailing record, kiting across the English Channel, climbing Mont Blanc, running the London Marathon together and then this summer joining them on a big new challenge (more on that soon!) 

When talking about these events, they will say that they were amongst the best days of their lives. And yet when we were in the thick of them it was sometimes anything but fun.

The same can be said for starting a business. Often the times you look back on with the fondest memories are moments when you were tearing your hair out.

When we recently revisited the crypt we ran Student Magazine out of, recollections of the dark, cramped space filled with tombs were nothing but positive. Back in the Sixties, when you ended up the last one down there late at night, we definitely didn't think so affectionately about it! 

Having fun and a sense of achievement are often intrinsically linked. I've often said if something isn't fun, it isn't worth doing. While that is true, it often takes hindsight to realise how much fun you were having.

What are your best examples of times when it didn't have to be fun to be fun?


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