Innovators are the new rock stars

The world loves innovators. Those who can imagine and reimagine the world as they see it, who can create something out of nothing and do things differently.

We’re living in an age of innovation, where an original idea executed well will see people become fans of your brand, liking and sharing your updates and most importantly spending their money with you (Elon Musk has more followers than Beyoncé after all!).

When we launched Virgin Records, we found success through giving a platform to sub cultures such as punks through The Sex Pistols, or turning our first record shops into a home for people to hang out and listen to music.

Today, innovation is a fashionable sub-culture of its own and I’m proud that Virgin is once again at the heart of it. We’re innovating across the Virgin Group. We’re on a mission to reinvent transportation by eliminating the barriers of distance and time with Virgin Hyperloop One.

Virgin Galactic is pushing the boundaries by aiming to become the first company to take tourists into space. 

We’ve our own Virgin Racing Formula E team competing in the Formula E Championship to showcase electric car technology and speed up development and innovation among manufacturers.

Virgin Voyages is reimaging the cruise holiday and Virgin Hotels is shaking up their industry by offering smarter alternatives for travellers.

Now, our not-for-profit home for entrepreneurs Virgin StartUp has joined forces with construction company Colmore Tang, to find the most innovative companies to revolutionise the construction industry.

It’s looking for businesses that can help solve the issues facing the construction industry. Traditionally, this sector in the UK has been slow to adopt new technology. Projects in the UK often take far longer than planned and blow the budget. It’s also looking for companies who are trying to reduce its carbon footprint and make building sites a safer place to work.

If your business has a solution to one of these problems you could win a spot on this six week accelerator, which has been designed to fund, validate and scale businesses without you having to give away any equity. You will work with senior executives from Colmore Tang, get advice from start-up mentors and be able to access office space at Virgin StartUp headquarters.

Want to help build the future of construction? Apply to ConstrucTech now.


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