Holly and Freddie's twins!

Delighted to share the happiest of news - Holly and Freddie are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy - and a beautiful baby girl! Joan and I, along with Freddie’s parents William and Jill, are the proudest grandparents in the world.

Joan and I came over to Oxford to see Holly, Freddie, Sam and Bellie for an early Christmas celebration last week, as Holly and Bellie were unable to travel over to Necker due to their pregnancies.

Then, just in time for Christmas, Holly was rushed into hospital to give birth. We flew back to the UK as quickly as possible to be by the family's side.

It turned into the most magical day. The twins were born on December 20th – the same date that Joan and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, and Holly and Freddie do too!

Image from the Branson Family

It is absolutely wonderful that Holly and Freddie have a boy and a girl – Etta and Artie. Obviously, as you can see from the photos, they are the most beautiful babes ever to be born in the whole wide world.

Freddie and Holly have spent a perfect first Christmas with the twins. Now we’re looking forward to Bellie and Sam’s baby joining the family in the new year.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and congratulations, and thanks also for respecting Holly and the family’s privacy over the past week. Happy holidays to one and all.

Background image by Jack Brockway


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