Hey Grandude

I’m looking forward to reading Paul McCartney’s new children’s book Hey Grandude! with my own grandkids. Paul, I hope you’ll be pleased to know that Etta, Artie, Eva-Deia, Bluey (and I’m sure Lola when she’s old enough!) call me Grandude too! Lovely to know I’m in good company.

Paul’s book has been inspired by his relationship with his grandchildren and their love of adventure, things that very much resonate with me. Our grandkids bring Joan and I so much love, wonder, excitement and inspiration every day. Etta and Artie have just started ‘big school’ and it’s yet another thrilling adventure hearing how it’s all going.

I remember well enjoying another fictional grandfather of Paul’s in The Beatles’ wonderful film A Hard Day’s Night – actor Wilfrid Brambell really got the runaround from the Fab Four, and I loved it as a teenager.

Etta and Artie

Hey Grandude! reminds me of the classic Beatles song Hey Jude too. I’ve always been a huge fan of the band and was fortunate to cross paths with them over the years, from interviewing John Lennon for Student Magazine to working with George Martin for Virgin Records. 

Of course, I was always a huge Rolling Stones fan too, and it was a highlight of my life finally signing Mick, Keith and the gang to our label. But I don’t think you have to choose between the two; I’d give them equal first place in the best-ever bands stakes.

It’s a tough ask, but if I had to pick a favourite Beatles song it would have to be All You Need Is Love. Now that feels an appropriate song for the grandchildren too – as I’m sure everyone lucky enough to be a grandude knows, there’s nothing quite like it. 


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