Here’s to looking up

Virgin Australia has come a long way in 17 years. In 2000 we launched Australia’s first low-cost carrier, making travel accessible to people across the country. In 2011 we disrupted the market again. We grew up, and became a world-class, full-service airline. We built the airline that Australia wanted, and put the magic back into flying.

But it wasn’t an easy feat. As a brand, Virgin exists to be a challenger. We exist to do things differently and create positive change. Flash forward six years, and we’re determined to shake things up again, and elevate the magic of Virgin Australia.  
We’re standing up for our values – heart, spirit, imagination and collaboration – and inviting people to see the world the way we do. We believe that the world opens up when we take an optimistic view. We call it Uptimism.

Our focus is to be champions of better in all aspects of the way we do business – from our people to our services – staying true to the Virgin way by keeping positivity and forward thinking at the heart of everything we do.
I’ve always called myself a born optimist; I think I might need to change that to a born Uptimist! Looking forward and looking up has always enabled me to remain hopeful and future-focused. Attitude is everything in life and in business. Despite hardship and things not going to plan, it’s important to keep a positive attitude. You can’t underestimate the power of positivity and the effect it can have on the people around you.

Positive people don’t just have a good day; they make it a good day. My tips for an Uptimist outlook are simple: wear a smile at all times; look for the good in the world; be proactive in the face of problems; watch the language you use; and say yes rather than no – that is, after all, how I got my nickname Dr Yes!
When I look back over the past four decades of Virgin, it’s not the profit or the awards that make me smile - it’s magic we’ve encountered along the way.
Here’s to more magic to come and always looking up!


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