Getting feedback on giving feedback

Feedback is one of the most important tools we all have to improve ourselves. Learning how your performance has impacted upon others can be crucial in deciding how to adapt what you do, how you do it, and why.

I’m often asked to give advice to people on how to start businesses and grow companies. But for our Virgin teams, I regularly give lots of feedback too. I’m a strong believer in praising more than discouraging, but I always give very honest feedback as it’s the best way to help people to improve.

I also give lots of tips to our teams, and when I visited the Virgin Atlantic and Delta teams in Atlanta recently, I enjoyed a cuppa and a chat with many of them. I was very interested to receive some feedback from the team after, in the form of which lessons they found most useful. Here are their top five:

  1. Be the best you can be and have fun doing it.
  2. Create something you are proud of.
  3. Make sure all the small details are right.
  4. We might fly planes but we are all in the entertainment business. People want to be entertained in flight and in life.
  5. Hire people who care about people. A company is just a collection of people, talk to them, and take care of them and each other.

I share lots of different messages and it’s interesting to see which ones stick in people’s minds – they are probably the most important and effective.

It’s so vital to get useful feedback as well as give it, to create a healthy company culture. What’s the most useful feedback you’ve received?


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