Four ways to make the world a better place

Life doesn’t have to be a game where some lose so that others can win. In fact life shouldn’t be a game at all. Everybody stands to gain – people, communities and companies – if we work together.

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Competition is healthy, but not when it detrimentally affects those around us and the planet that we live on. Instead of constantly trying to compete with each other, we should be working side by side to create positive change. One simple way we can do this is to incorporate four simple values into our everyday lives: fairness, honesty, positivity and creativity.

I enjoyed watching the short film below by the critically acclaimed George the Poet. FHPC is an ethical framework that encourages people to move away from competing and consuming, in favour of cooperating and conserving, in order to help us create as better future for all. A former rapper turned Cambridge University impact poet, George uses the principles of FHPC as a tool for engaging gangs in ethical decision making and peaceful negotiations.

The framework is a wonderful means for helping people, especially young people, bridge the gap between positive thinking and acting. FHPC urges us all to take five minutes to ask ourselves before we speak or act, is what I'm about to say or do Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative? If you can answer yes to all four, then your words and actions are likely to be sustainable. If you answer no to any of the questions then you should spend a little more time to re-evaluate your words and actions until you can answer yes. As George says, “Do you ever question your plan of action; or are you just on a quest for satisfaction?”

It’s time that we stopped thinking about the human race in a competitive way. We may be known as a race, but we really should be a team. Instead of regarding each other as rivals, we should embrace each other as allies. After all, we’re all in this together.

Like George explains, “We were given this world, we didn’t make it – but we can make it better.”


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