The Environmental Symphony

I got my start in the music industry, but I never thought I’d get the chance to become a lead vocalist. Not in five billion years. But if you wait long enough…

This World Environment Day, I’m honoured to be part of The Environmental Symphony, a wonderful musical project to deliver a critical message about the need to protect and cherish the Earth we all share.

The Environmental Symphony is an incredible collaboration, with music by Dr Allan Zavod, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Benjamin Northey, words by Australia’s chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel – and narration by yours truly. 


Spanning five billion years, it tells the tale of planet Earth, from its formation five billion years ago to through to the devastation of our current age. It calls for a radical reaction to the climate crisis, demanding bold action to achieve the clean, green future we all need.

Allan Zavod has worked with some of my musical heroes, from Frank Zappa to Sting, so I was delighted to be involved in The Environmental Symphony, his last major work before his death in 2016. Meanwhile, I’ve long known and respected Alan Finkel for his work in science and education and he is also one of Virgin Galactic's Future Astronauts. 

The album goes from Creation through to the Industrial Revolution, the Calm before the Storm to Global Warming, Final Warning. Fittingly, we end on a positive note, calling for a Preservation Sensation in the coming months and years.

I must be honest; I’ve never been much of a musician myself – as I’m sure everyone at Virgin Records would attest! But I’ve always had an eye for musical talent. What’s more I have got used to delivering words I am passionate about over the years, especially when they are for such a crucial cause. I hope this record makes a real difference. For more of our work on tackling the climate crisis, head over to Virgin Unite, The Elders, The Rocky Mountain Institute and The B Team.

You can get hold of the record now on ABC, head over to the Environmental Symphony to listen in. The Sex Pistols, eat your heart out!


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