Don't let Great Britain become Little Britain - stay in the EU

If the United Kingdom ever decided to leave the European Union, people would wake up and realise they had made a very grave error indeed.

A year ago I wrote about the need for the UK to stay in the EU, and why it is so valuable to British businesses. Nothing has changed, but the argument rumbles on.

No person, no country, no organisation is without its faults - the EU certainly has a few of its own. But the last thing the UK should do is leave it, as it would then have no say on how to improve it and make it more productive for all countries involved. 

Leaving the EU would do enormous damage to entrepreneurs throughout the UK, both small and large. That in turn would inflict damage upon the rest of the country. It is entrepreneurs who create the jobs of the future; the last thing the government should want to do is make things more difficult for them by cutting ties with the EU. Fewer companies would set up business in the UK if they could only trade with 60 million people, rather than 500 million.

The EU is the UK's biggest trading partner. As the EU forges new partnerships with emerging markets of Latin America and Asia - plus extends existing relationships with the US and Canada - the UK must be at the centre to help. If the UK shuts the door on the EU, the door will be firmly shut in return and it would be very difficult to get back into the EU once we had left.

Great Britain can’t be allowed to become Little Britain. As part of Europe, people can live where they want, set up companies where they want, trade where they want, travel where they want. As part of the EU, there are many more countries for British people to experience, and vice-versa, making for a much more diverse, multicultural, rich society.

For those people who seem hell bent on pulling the UK out of the EU, it is contrasting that the people of Ukraine were willing to die on the streets of Kiev in hope that they could join the EU. There are countries all around Europe that are desperate to be a part of this great marketplace, and Britain should be desperate to remain a leading part of it. 


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