Don’t be afraid to tell your story

I learned quite early on that being able to put a face to a name is very useful. It is particularly handy for brands, as it can help customers understand what your company is all about.

When I started our first airline, my mentor Sir Freddie Laker showed me the influence getting splashed on the front pages rather than buried in the middle pages could have. It worked for Virgin Atlantic, and I have been the face of the Virgin brand ever since.

Plenty of entrepreneurs understand this rule very well indeed, but perhaps slightly fewer in the non-profit sector. One who certainly does is Scott Harrison, the founder of charity: water. After 10 years and giving clean water to more than six million people, he is telling his personal story.


Watch the film above, which Scott the team put 1,000 hours (not to mention 10 years!) into. It tells how he went from a supportive childhood to a wayward youth, to finding his purpose on a hospital boat to Liberia.

Scott Harrison

He gets across the passion and belief that it takes to turn an organisation into a success – even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you simply start and you learn as you go. You also need great people to take along for the ride; it’s no surprise Scott’s partner Vik is also charity: water’s VP of creative. I got to meet little Jackson on Necker last year, and am delighted to hear a little sister is on the way.

Richard Branson and Jackson Harrison

Head over to charity: water to find out more about their new giving initiative The Spring. And remember, if you want people to care, don’t be afraid to tell your story loud and proud.


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