Dolphins in Japan

It is saddening to see more than 250 dolphins being captured in Taiji's cove for slaughter or sale in Japan.


The annual killing of dolphins in Japan, famously documented in The Cove, is one of the most horrifying incidents of animal cruelty around the world.

Every year around 20,000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales are slaughtered throughout Japan. While most countries recognise the need to protect these beautiful creatures, Japan refuses to sign up to regulations protecting marine mammals.

No dolphins or whales should ever again be killed by humans, or taken from the ocean for zoos or theme parks. There should be a global ban on this practice of taking such majestic animals from the wild. The only mammals that should be in zoos or theme parks are those that have been bred there. Then it is critically important that they are treated properly and given the necessary space. As long as this criteria is met I believe access to these magnificent creatures in the proper humane conditions, along with ocean research and exploration, can help to educate our children and improve our understanding.

Image by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Those Japanese people who support the killings in Taiji should realise the damage the slaughter in the cove does to the reputation of their otherwise delightful country.

Image by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

It is promising to see US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy stating her deep concern over the dolphin hunt. The work of Sea Shepherd and other conservation groups to highlight what is happening in the cove should also be commended.

Sea Shepherd have been livestreaming their dolphin defence campaign in Taiji as well as sharing links to spread the word, volunteer or contact authorities about dolphin slaughter.

You can also join more than half a million people in signing the petition to save Japan's dolphins.


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