Do what you can

No matter how small a difference you can make, it is always worth making. Local British Virgin Island entrepreneur Gumption shared a great example of this when he saved a turtle recently.

As he came in from a tour - Gumption runs a glass bottom boat company as well as his non-profit – he noticed a fisherman coming in with his catch of the day, including a beautiful hawksbill turtle.

Without thinking twice, he walked over and offered $50 for the turtle. As you can see in this video, he set it free back into the ocean.

Turtle fishermen worldwide should realise that they'd make a better living by tagging turtles for conservation purposes and bringing along paying tourists, rather than killing them for soup.

Below on the left is a bowl of turtle soup, on the right is a sea turtle. Which would you rather have?

Turtle soup chinese

So, which would you rather have?

Gumption’s turtle tale reminded me of the starfish parable, and the one (lobster) that got away I wrote about recently.

They may seem like small steps – but they are world-changing for everyone involved.

The writer Sydney Smith said: "It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can." 

It’s great to see Gumption, and all of the people around the world working hard to help conserve species, taking that advice to heart.

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