Crying at happy and sad films

I always have a little sob when I watch a film – It doesn’t matter whether it’s a feel-good film or a heart-wrencher.

Joan, Holly and Sam have grown to expect some tears so they always carry a box of tissues if we’re going to sit down and watch a movie together.


Apparently, emotions are heightened when you are on a flight so you are more susceptible to be caught up in the drama and sentiment of a film – that’s my excuse, anyway!

With that in mind, Virgin Atlantic are now giving our fliers an ‘emotion warning’ that they’re about to watch a tearjerker, so you have time to grab some tissues if your wonderful family don’t keep them at the ready.  


I’ve been enjoying some weepy films that are showing on-board Virgin Atlantic and if my family are not flying with me at least I know I can count on the cabin crew for a shoulder to cry on or a good cuppa – they never mind if people let their feelings show.

Richard Branson Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

If you’re not immune to shedding a tear like me then you can kick back and enjoy films like La La Land, Lion and Moonlight among many other blockbusters. What film always gets you teary-eyed?


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