Crowning the winners of the Extreme Tech Challenge 2016

Thrilled to host the final of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) on Necker Island for the second year running. Necker has long been a hub for entrepreneurial innovation; making it the perfect setting for the 2016 XTC finalists to come together and share their disruptive ideas.

Richard Branson microphone Extreme Tech Challenge 2016 XTC

This year’s finalists were of an extremely high standard. We were wowed time and time again as they presented their concepts. Choosing a winner was a difficult task – with the top three contenders coming within just a point of each other – but in the end Bloom Technologies took the XTC crown.

Richard Branson Extreme Tech Challenge 2016 XTC

Last year both of my children, Holly and Sam, became first-time parents, and my wife, Joan and I welcomed three new members to our family. Being a grand-dude has changed my life, bringing me joy that I never knew was possible. I’m grateful to have Etta, Artie and Eva-Deia in my world and couldn’t imagine life without them. I therefore loved the concept behind Bloom Technologies as it simplifies the pregnancy journey, by delivering the latest in pre-natal technology straight to expecting parents’ fingertips. It’s a potentially revolutionary product that could save so many lives and make such a positive difference in the world.

Richard Branson Extreme Tech Challenge 2016 XTC

Bloom Technologies managed to beat fierce competition from thousands of applicants, including second place winner Giroptic, whose concept is brilliant and set to transform camera technology; and third place winner Sphero, the world-renowned company behind Star Wars’ beloved droid BB8. There was even a video game from Captive Media that encourages men to drink more water and keep hydrated by making peeing more exciting – check out the video below.

A special message from Captive Media

Sadly we can't join you Extreme Tech Challenge, but here's our message from London, including an exclusive preview of our newest game, a special surprise for Richard Branson, and featuring MegaBots, Sphero, Giroptic, MassRoots, Genomic Expression Inc, and of course, the epic XTC itself! Thanks Susi Mai, good luck to all 3 finalists and enjoy the afterparty!

Posted by Captive Media on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It gives me great pleasure to judge events like XTC. The competition not only mobilises world-class entrepreneurs to showcase cutting-edge innovation, it is also provides a wonderful example of how we can combine work and play to a great effect. 

Richard Branson Extreme Tech Challenge 2016 XTC

For the past two years, the finalists of XTC have joined the MaiTai Global community for an action-packed get-together, unlike any other networking event out there. The opposite of a dry business summit, MaiTai brings people together to push the limits of work and play to the point that innovation and fun flows in abundance.

Congratulations to all the businesses that competed in this year’s Extreme Tech Challenge –  the future is in safe hands with innovators like you leading the charge. I encourage anyone with an exciting tech concept to apply for next year’s competition. Registration is now open. Who knows, you could be joining us on Necker in 2017. 


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