Chickens on Necker Island

For an island of its size, Necker Island is home to a truly remarkable range of species. After Hurricane Irma, we found that we had one more: chickens. 

A Necker chicken

Initially the chickens were blown over to us during the hurricane from the neighbouring island of Virgin Gorda but we started caring for them and soon saw it as an opportunity.

We are very proud of the solar panels we have on Necker Island, which play a key role in our push for the island to be powered completely by renewables. We realised the solar fields could have another exciting use too; under the solar panels we’ve started a farm of free range chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

Chickens hanging out under the solar panels

We currently have around 100 hens on Necker Island, which are laying around 40 eggs per day under normal circumstances, which is enough to provide 50 per cent of the eggs that we need on Necker.

We are incubating 100 more chickens so that we can produce all of the eggs consumed on the island right here. The plan is to increase the number of chickens further so that we can share the eggs they produce with Moskito Island, and introduce chickens onto that island too.

A chicken

Letting the chickens roam underneath the solar panels is a great use of the space, which would otherwise be wasted, and the free range eggs they produce are absolutely delicious.

Aside from chickens, we have reintroduced some incredibly rare and beautiful species. We have bred more than 1,000 flamingos, which you can see flying between ponds. We also have beautiful scarlet ibis and white ibis, who can be seen joyfully flying over the ponds early each morning.

We’ve also introduced giant tortoises and provided a breeding ground for rock Iguanas. We have two delightful miniature horses, Sugar and Honey. We have an extensive program to protect and breed lemurs, which are one of the most endangered species on Earth. 


We have set ourselves the challenge of becoming one of the most environmentally friendly islands anywhere in the world. I’ll share more exciting updates on our progress soon. 

It’s incredible to wake up in the morning, check on the animals and happily hear the cockerels crowing, the lemurs calling, the flamingos chattering, the horses neighing, the giant tortoises grunting, the parrots squawking and the terns – well, turning!


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