Chatting to Chris Evans on Virgin Radio UK

It was so great to visit Virgin Radio UK on a recent trip to London and sit down with Chris Evans for a chat.

Chris Evans and Richard Branson

It was rather early in the morning and the coffee hadn’t quite kicked in yet when we started chatting, but luckily he let me do a take two (even though we were live on air). Chris knew how to get me going and asked me about Virgin Galactic and our progress with our recent space flights. I gave myself a little pinch under the desk – it was so wonderful to be talking about how great it was that Virgin Galactic have made it to space, not once, but twice – and to be talking to Chris Evans, back where he belongs on Virgin Radio UK. 

There are some people you meet throughout your life and it doesn’t matter if you don’t see each other, or speak to each other all the time, but when you meet you just instantly pick your friendship back up and have a good time. Chris is one of those wonderful people, he’s the most entertaining person on the airwaves and really knows how to bring out the best in people.

We then got down to business and Chris asked me what my favourite business tip was, and I shared how if you think of a business that will solve a problem and have a positive impact on other people, then it is likely to have a shot at success. Virgin has done this across many different sectors over the years and disrupted the market by offering a better experience.  

Virgin has such a long history rooted in music, and I’m so pleased to see Chris and Virgin Radio UK doing so well – they recently reached one million listeners! Virgin Radio UK has been doing so wonderfully they’ve even launched two new stations this year – Virgin Radio Chilled UK and Virgin Radio Anthems UK – and they are continuing to innovate with their digital-first approach to radio.

If you missed the show, or want to see what all my fuss is about, you can check out the highlights from the show, download the Virgin Radio UK to tune into the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. You can also catch the best moments over on their social channels.


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