Celebrating mobile innovation with Virgin Mobile Canada’s #PitchtoRich

It was wonderful to celebrate mobile innovation and crown the Swob™ app the winners of the #PitchtoRich contest in Calgary.

We asked Canadians to pitch a mobile-related business idea in a video online for a chance to win $10,000 toward their idea and a meeting with yours truly. We were overwhelmed by the response we received and it was an incredibly close call with so many wonderful ideas. We received thousands of entries and it was really exciting to see the talent that Canadians have.

We saw a variety of innovative mobile ideas, and several that make people’s lives better – a criteria we were looking for in submissions.

Watching the entries really brought home to me how much mobile has changed the world in the five decades that I’ve been an entrepreneur. I’ve been on the journey from phoneboxes, to flip-phones to iPhones and have seen first-hand how the way we connect to each other, the way we socialise and the way we do business has all changed - everything can now be done on your phone.

Mobile innovation has spurred a new age of disruption - it has such a huge power to change the world for the better and bring people together on a huge scale. It was great seeing how entrepreneurs want to harness this and create future-thinking businesses.

Young entrepreneurs look at the world with fresh eyes and think about technology intuitively, and it was fascinating to sit down with the sibling duo behind the winning entry Swob™.

Alexander and Stephanie Florio both quit their jobs in marketing and advertising to start their app, Swob™, which will help students find jobs easier. They told me how the name, Swob™ stands for ‘swipe and job’ combined and is an easy to use app that allows employers to filter through the best possible candidates, safely and efficiently.

We’ve held Virgin Mobile #PitchtoRich contests in the US, UK and Mexico before but this was the first ever Canadian edition of the competition. 

I can’t wait to see how Swob™ can change the job market – you can learn more about the app here


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