Business adventures with Jane Seymour and P Diddy

Met up with the delightful Jane Seymour recently and took a trip down memory lane. We were in a rather bizarre setting: The Playboy Mansion.

I was speaking with Jane as part of an event to support Community Inspiring Today’s Youth (CITY), a non-profit group that supports and mentors underserved teens and young adults in developing their own start-up businesses in Los Angeles.

Jane and I have known each other for many, many years, and she presented me with this delightful photo from when we met in our youth. I’m not certain where we were or exactly what the colourful creation behind us is. But, most importantly, we appear to be smiling, just as we were all these years later in LA.

Buzz Aldrin was among the inspiring people present at the CITY Gala, and after the great astronaut received a Lifetime Achievement Award, I enjoyed a discussion onstage about my life and business with Jane. However, it was quite hard to speak over the din of the crowd, who were understandably keener to party than take notes, giving the setting.

When I suggested this to the audience, P Diddy, our host for the evening, jumped up to the stage and urged us to continue. We were happy to oblige, but it was all very surreal.

Over on the other side of town, we went on to host another event supporting LA’s start-up scene, Virgin Atlantic’s Business Is An Adventure. Read more about what happened when I joined Tinder Founder Sean Rad, Blogilates Founder Cassey Ho, WeWork Co-Founder Miguel McKelvey and host Carol Roth to discuss business ideas that cross borders.

At the event, I was eager to explain how business really should be fun, and you should think of it as an adventure. It certainly has been for me, from meeting Jane all those years ago to meeting P Diddy and co in 2016. Long may the adventure continue.


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