Business is an adventure

Adventure doesn’t necessarily spring to mind when you think about business. It should. It’s a mistake to think of a business as a business. Instead, think of it as something that makes a positive difference to people’s lives. Think of it as a wonderful adventure. 

In 2016, we’re launching a mission to uncover how America’s brightest business leaders make that adventure epic. With that in mind, it was great to spend time in Los Angeles with a mixture of thriving entrepreneurs, growing start-up founders, and business-savvy travelers. Virgin Atlantic hosted the first Business Is An Adventure debate, and I was joined by Sean Rad, Founder and CEO of Tinder, Blogilates Founder Cassey Ho, Miguel McKelvey, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at WeWork and host Carol Roth. 

We discussed why simple solutions cross borders, a topic close to the hearts of my fellow panelists, all of whom have created businesses that now span the globe, having started right here in LA. When asked what is special about LA, it was great to hear Sean mention how diverse personal and professional backgrounds have helped drive a broader perspective for his company. 

LA is a place where people come to follow their dreams in a huge variety of ways. LA has always been an important market for Virgin, ever since we started flying between LA and London over 25 years ago. Now it is the home of Virgin Produced, as well as Virgin Galactic, and a hub for all three of our airlines. It is a creative, passionate place, and that shone through in the event here.

Our partners included General Assembly, WeWork, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and we invited three very promising LA start-ups, FocusMotion, HopSkipDrive and Heal, to share their business ideas too. It was fascinating hearing from them, and I’ll definitely be following up about their progress.

Like the established companies on the panel with me, all three of the start-ups had simple solutions to problems people have every day. When you find that sweet spot, you can scale and expand into any market.

As I said to the start-ups, the amazing feedback that you get when you create something that makes a difference, it will make you glow all over, and spur you on to do new things. I’ve spent my lifetime doing that. If you have a great idea now, there are so many different ways to make it happen and people to help you do it. It’s time to let your business adventure fly.


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