Black tie? Denim tuxedo!

It's a very rare occasion when anyone can convince me to put on a tie. As Jim Grubb found at Virgin Disruptors last week, I'm far more likely to cut one off than put one on!

However, there was no getting out of wearing a tie at the Scottish Business Awards earlier this week. But I wasn't going to submit without having some fun of my own.

JC Curleigh, President of Levi's, gave an incredible presentation to us at a Necker Gathering recently - more on that soon.

As part of his talk, he told a wonderful story about Bing Crosby. 

The legendary star was once denied entry into a hotel because he and his friend were dressed completely in denim. 

Levi's decided to come to his rescue and quickly designed Bing a custom denim tuxedo, complete with a big leather patch “Notice to All Hotel Men” stating that the tuxedo should be allowed in the finest of establishments.

I had a similar experience at a club called The Roof Gardens when I was a young man. They refused me entry because I was dressed too scruffily. Later, I went back and bought the place!

With that in mind, I contacted JC about getting hold of one of these denim tuxedos. 

24 hours later, I arrived at the Scottish Business Awards in true Bing style, complete with a denim tie. 

Would you wear a denim tuxedo?



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