The best fireworks display on Earth

We are privileged in the British Virgin Islands to receive the best and cheapest fireworks display on Earth, once every few years. And Monday was no exception.

Sam, Holly, Freddie, Isabella and I sat up for most of the night watching one of the most dramatic storms we’ve ever seen. Thankfully on this occasion we had huge lightning rods on top of the Great House!

Thunder raged, lightning bolts flashed every second, and the biggest downfall of rain we’ve experienced in 15 years drenched Necker. 

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Last time we had a tropical storm like this, winds up to 90mph whipped lightning at the Island and the Great House burned down. We lost thousands of photographs and my notebook, which was sad. But all of our family and friends got out, and in the end that's what really matters.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we rebuilt – in the original design with some new innovations – and today we relish in every sunset, sunrise and storm that rolls across the bay.

As strange as it sounds, I love to be on Necker when a hurricane hits. There’s nothing more beautiful than the force of nature. As you can see from these pictures, the sky and sea turn moody blue, and build up an energy that's palpable. The animals go eerily quiet, the palms start to bend, and the atmosphere is electric – laden with anticipation and drama.  

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Last night truly showcased not only nature’s beauty, but also immense power. As we watched the storm, we hoped that everyone partying at Carnival on Tortola was safe and out of Mother Nature's way.


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