Behind the scenes of Virgin Galactic’s mission control

SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity safely and successfully completed her first crewed supersonic, rocket-powered flight recently. As we continue our testing program, I wanted to share a peek behind the scenes of mission control at Virgin Galactic

I have been lucky enough to spend time with our Mojave-based mission control team, and am so proud of the brilliant work they and the rest of the teams at our space companies do.

In this video, let us take you behind the doors (and screens!) of our control room in the second episode of Virgin Galactic’s Overview Series.

Successful spaceflight operations are a result of seamless teamwork in the air, on the ground, and in between. 

The teams at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company have done an excellent job through two years of extensive ground and atmospheric testing, and the successful test flight was testament to their hard work and dedication. 

There’s a lot of exciting days ahead as we get closer and closer to space. 


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