Ban deep sea bottom trawling

On December 10th European Parliament can end deep sea bottom trawling. The future of the deep ocean is ours to decide.

The deep ocean is suffering from rapid and probably irreversible destruction due to deep sea bottom trawling. The damage occurs far from sight and sadly out of mind.

Now, Europe has the opportunity to make an historic decision: to protect the deep ocean and its species from deep sea bottom trawling that destroys everything in its wake.

In July 2012 the European Commission proposed to ban deep-sea bottom trawling.  The European Parliament and EU Fisheries Ministers have to find an agreement on this historic measure.

Now is the time to make bold decisions and protect the largest reservoir of biodiversity on the planet.

We need as many people as possible to sign the BLOOM Association’s petition, telling European Parliament to end to the industrial destruction of the deep ocean.

Please join us, act now and support our campaign to protect the deep ocean.

Richard whale shark


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