A is for Attitude

Welcome to my A to Z of business. Throughout the year I’m going to share what I think are the key ingredients to building a business in a series of short videos, and would like to find out what you think is missing too.

A is for Attitude. I always remember a wonderful person who on reception at Virgin Mobile Canada just having a fantastic attitude. That person has gone onto run companies just from the strength of their personality and attitude. A good attitude really can set you apart.

When I ran Virgin Records, some artists had great attitudes, like Peter Gabriel. All the staff wanted to work hard to help make them a success. The artists with bad attitudes? People just didn’t want to spend the time and effort working on their work to make them a success.  

Whatever you are doing in life, attitude plays a very important part. I’d love to know what you think makes a great attitude.

Look out for B of my A to Z of business coming soon.

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