Adventure as a mindset

Adventure as a mindset allows you to see difficulties as challenges to be overcome, rather than obstacles to be failed.

It is something I was lucky enough to learn from my family at a young age. On a Christmas holiday, my Aunt Joyce bet me 10 shillings that I would be able to swim by the end of the two weeks. Despite spending hours in the ocean I really struggled to stay afloat. On the last day of the holiday as we were driving home I spotted a river and begged my father to stop the car.

I pulled off my clothes and jumped into the river in just my underpants - I was determined to win that 10 shillings. The current dragged me around and for a moment I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, but I kicked slowly and found myself swimming across the river. As I crawled up the bank towards my family I brushed a bush of stinging nettles, but I didn’t care. I could swim.

Overcoming challenges and what you previously thought may be seemingly impossible can give you a huge sense of satisfaction and personal pride. Ever since I jumped in that river I have been constantly seeking new things to try.

My mother also instilled a strong sense of independence when she stopped the car on the way home from a shopping trip and told me to find my own way home through three miles of countryside. I was five-years-old and had been causing mischief in the backseat, but she taught me a larger lesson about overcoming my shyness and not being afraid to ask others for help and directions.

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My adventurous spirit can largely be attributed to my mum – she has always seen every day as a fresh chance to achieve something new and exciting. It has served me well throughout all of my business adventures as I have never been afraid to try something that hadn’t been done before. 

Even when the going gets tough, if you have adventure as your mindset you will look for ways around your problem rather than giving up.


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