Absolutely not Conan!

Conan O'Brien recently asked for the support of yours truly in his quest to rule LinkedIn. I was happy to pop up on his show and answer the simple question ‘does Conan deserve more followers?’

Absolutely not Conan. No, no, no, no way!

Sorry, I meant: "Absolutely yes Conan. Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

While it’s not a competition, Conan mentioned he was next to Trish Regan, Anchor and Editor-at-Large at Bloomberg, in the LinkedIn follower stakes. He gave her a sly dig, and she hit back with a video of her own.

Trish's team happened to be with us on Necker at the time filming a piece about our newly-rebuilt Necker House. They were delightful company, so I was happy to support Trish in her battle with Conan – watch out Team Coco!

Richard LinkedIn world record

Are you enjoying using LinkedIn? Conan calls for people to join him to waste America's time. Personally, I'm finding it a useful place to talk business, share entrepreneur advice and write about everything from favourite books to tips on how to hire.


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