Abilities are stronger than disabilities

Some people define dyslexia as a disability but I’ve never viewed it as one – I’ve always used it to my advantage in business.


I’ve often said how it helps me think creatively and laterally when building new Virgin companies and expanding the brand.

That’s why I’m more than happy to get behind Virgin Media’s new campaign Work With Me, which along with the charity Scope, is aiming to support one million disabled people get back into work.
Everyone has something valuable they can give but many disabled people face barriers and struggle to get a job.

I was shocked to read the latest figures which show there are a million disabled people in the UK who want to and are able to work but are currently not employed. This sounds to me like a vast waste of untapped potential.

Businesses need to realise that inclusiveness pays off as it yields more creative results. We should use our differences to spur innovation and think in alternative ways to the status quo. Just because you are different to everyone else does not mean you can’t achieve great things. Everyone has something valuable to give and nobody should feel overlooked.

Reinforcing negative stigmas does not benefit anyone, especially in business. A happy, included, motivated workforce will move mountains to make things happen and grow your business.

I strongly believe looking at the world in a different way to everyone else is a strength that should be praised and encouraged. Don’t define others by what they can’t do, but look for what they can do and support them to do it. Abilities are much stronger than disabilities.

Please throw your support behind this campaign.


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