65 challenges for my 65th year

On my 65th birthday I announced that I would take on 65 challenges across the coming year. The #ChallengeRichard suggestions came in thick and fast, and I worked through the list to tick off my favourites.

I'm pleased (and relieved!) to say I completed all 65! And even threw in a extra one for good measure. Below is a log documenting the tasks I completed. It was a fun, but challenging year!


I challenge you to sit quietly and do nothing for 65 minutes but look out the window like you did as a child in school. 

– Submitted by Nigel McKenna ‏from New York City

Read blog post


I challenged Richard Branson to share 65 defining moments in his life - from child to adulthood.

– Submitted by Shamini Dhana of San Francisco

Read 65 defining life moments 


Why not showcase 65+ year olds still working & making a difference. 

– Submitted by Allison Monroe of Sydney 

Read You're never too old to make a difference. 


Family is the most important thing, take some time to write your wife, kids and grand kids a heartfelt letter.

– Submitted by Aaryn Schuster 

Read my Letter to my grandchildren 


Test your boundaries: Give more money to charity than you think you should. The amount should make you uncomfortable.

– Submitted by @exogenista

Read Give more


Tweet 65 lessons learned in maintaining and/or starting a business. 

– Submitted by Alana George

Read 65 lessons learned in business


Write a poem of 16 lines for entrepreneurs 

– Submitted by Vasanthan Philip of Bangalore

Read A poem for all entrepreneurs


What impact you can make with £5 – profit and purpose 

– Submitted by Virgin StartUp

Read Turning pounds into profit and purpose


Find one person younger than you were when you started and offer them non-monetary support to help them find success.

– Submited by @IncrementalLove

Read My advice for young people



Work at the welcome/reception desk unit at your company's HQ for a day 

– Submitted by Olawole Adeolu of Lagos

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Create a bucket list: ideas for all grandfathers to select things to do/share with grandkids at each age

–  Submitted by Graham, from the South Coast UK

Read My grandparent bucket list


I challenge you to create and share a playlist of 65 songs you consider to be the 'soundtrack to your life'.

–  Submitted by Carla Johnson, from Atlanta

Listen to my Soundtrack to my life



Start playing golf like a young man 

–  Submitted by François PlayBac, from Paris

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#challengerichard no. 15 - Start playing golf like a young man

A photo posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on

Richard Branson and Sam Branson at Virgin Stars 2015


Spend a day with 65 Virgin staff members from around the world

–  Submitted by Virgin Pulse 

Read Celebrating stars


“You're a creative person – have you ever created (and exhibited) your own piece of art? How about it? 

– Submitted by Project Art, London 

Read Art is for everyone


Fun doodling for @nytimes @tmagazine

A video posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on


We challenge you to snap & tag your next 6 meals #mealforameal - no matter what they are...

– Submitted by Virgin Mobile Australia

Read Meal for a meal


Pay a visit to the Manchester office of Virgin Media Business to see the sales teams and meet us Grads #VOOM 

– Submitted by Rebecca Murray

Read Meeting the team in Manchester


Write a letter to the 10 year old you.

– Submitted by Andrew Johnston

Read my letter to 10-year-old me


How about writing 65 Thank You cards to people who helped you become who you are today? 

– Submitted by @danieltronic

Read A small thank you can go a long way


Richard Branson enjoying a drink


I challenge you to have a long cold drink in a warm sunny place, you deserve it. 

– Submitted by Nigel Robinson

Read Enjoy some downtime


Show the world in a simple video how you started everything.

– Submitted by @ajaysnair

Watch The history of Virgin in 114 seconds animation 


Write a letter to the 25 year old you.

– Submitted by Andrew Johnston

Read My letter to 25-year-old me


What advice would you give to someone whose dreams are bigger than imaginable, but feel so out of reach?

– Submitted by Lauracourtie hair, Scotland

Read Keep dreaming 


We #challengerichard to make the Battleship free of single-use plastic bottles, and use Virgin Pure bottles instead! 

– Submitted by Virgin Pure 

Read Creating a sustainable business

Richard Branson swims in fountain with Virgin Cola bottle


Relive three of your toughest start-up days. 

– Submitted by Rob Thijs, from Amsterdam

Read Lessons from my toughest start-up days


I challenge you to flip as many pancakes as you can in 65 seconds...

– Submitted by Heather Kennedy

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Happy #pancakeday! #challengerichard

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“Your very own definition of love and great relationship would be...?”

– Submitted by Rafal Spychalski

Read My definition of love


“I would love to know how you overcome an unsuccessful start…” 

– Submitted by Leah Phillips of Liverpool

Read How to overcome an unsuccessful start


"Hug and embrace 65 people for 65 seconds."

– Submitted by David Franklin

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#challengerichard: hug and embrace 65 people for 65 seconds. Challenge gladly accepted!

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Take on the office with bat and ball, in a table tennis competition. 

– Submitted by Virgin Produced

View My Virgin Produced table tennis takedown


Make a list of your top 65 books to read in a lifetime.

– Submitted by Mike Gonzalez of New Jersey

View My top 65 books to read in a lifetime


Take 65 pictures of things that mean something to you - they can’t be family or work related.

– Submitted by Sher Davis

View 65 pictures of things that mean something to me


List 65 things that make you happy.

– Submitted by Kamal Sadarangani of Orange County, California

View 65 things that make me happy

Richard Branson at Holly's wedding


If you only had 65 minutes to live - what would you do in that time?

– Submitted by Roger Atkins

Read If I only had 65 minutes to live

Virgin Strive Challenge training weekend 2016 Richard Branson Holly Sam Noah


What else is still left on your bucket list?

– Submitted by @emmasot85

Read What's left on my bucket list 


Adventure is best way to explore true self. So I #ChallengeRichard to share his best 65 adventures experience in this 65 years.

–  Submitted by Chetan Yallapurkar

Read about My 65 most memorable adventures


Spend an hour in nature doing absolutely nothing, just enjoying the view!

–  Submitted by Bori Kiss of London 

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You talked about languages last week. I challenge you to learn British Sign Language.

–  Submitted by Robert Morgan of London

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Thank you for your #ChallengeRichard, Robert. This week I learned British Sign Language in support of #deafawarenessweek2016

A video posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on

Richard Branson and Ben Ainslie America's Cup New York Land Rover BAR


It’s Super Sunday in #NY. A big day of racing ahead and a special British guest is stepping onboard @richardbranson #challengerichard #americascup #BringTheCupHome #LVACWSNY #NYC

–  Submitted by Ben Ainslie and Land Rover BAR

Read On board the America’s Cup

Richard Branson Sam Branson and Eva-Deia


Write a letter to the 65 year old you.

– Submitted by Andrew Johnston

Read My letter to 65-year-old me


Tell us where you thinks we can find the world's best martini #wcpgw

- Submitted by World's Best Martini 

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#ChallengeRichard “Tell us where we can find the world's best martini”. Well that’s easy: The Commons Club at @virginhotelschi

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I challenge you to take a photo of either the sunrise or sunset, post time, date and location and what you appreciate about the simple things in life....#skypixchallenge

- Submitted by Laura Pacheco Michler

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Sunrise at Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia #challengerichard

A photo posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on


Whilst you’re in Australia @richardbranson we challenge you to play barista and make a coffee for one of our lounge guests #challengerichard

- Submitted by Virgin Australia

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Hi @richardbranson - we #challengerichard you to join our Managing Director Scott Hood for a cycle around Centennial Park!

- Submitted by Virgin Active Australia 

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#challengerichard complete @virginactiveaustralia! A couple of spins around Sydney's Centennial Park.

A video posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on


 I challenge you to drink 65 glasses of beer.

- Submitted by @Barcafancy 

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Love to know what have you done lately to maintain the title of "troublemaker?"

- Submitted by Shamini Dhana of San Francisco

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Can you tell us ideas you dropped because you thought they were not good enough? 

- Submitted by @RaccordMusique

View Missed opportunities to start businesses


I #challengerichard you to sketch a timeline of your most important moments. Personal and business! 

- Submitted by Cristhian Cobas of Santiago, Chile

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"I #challengerichard you to sketch a timeline of your most important moments." Challenge accepted!

A video posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on


I would be interested to know your primary aim??

- Submitted by Love & Sparkle

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You appear to be "everywhere". I would love to hear your take on time management 

-  Submitted by Robert Baird of Toronto, Ontario

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If you could have one wish for the world come true, what would it be? Write it as a poem or letter.

- Submitted by @musingsbook 

Read my poem My biggest wish  


Is it worth learning foreign languages? Which ones? 

-  Submitted byRoman Bogach of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Help us help thousands of business families succeed at succession by sharing how you did it. 

Submitted by Business Families Foundation 

Read How to create a successful family business


#VOOM's #challengerichard is to show us your supermodel smile with Tyra Banks at the Live Finale!

- Submitted by Virgin Media Business

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richard branson telescope


List 65 innovations that have changed your life 

- Submitted by Andrew Breslin of Dubai 

Read 65 innovations that changed my life


We #ChallengeRichard to a team selfie in the @DSVirginRacing garage today at the @FIAformulaE #VisaLondonePrix 

Submitted by DS Virgin Racing

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#ChallengeRichard accepted @ds_virginracing! Garage selfie with the team in London

A photo posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on

Richard Branson Virgin StartUp launch


Write an article about the things to do in your 20s to get where you are now.

- Submitted by Eston Nzuki of Narobi, Kenya

View My five top tips for young entrepreneurs


I challenge you to give me a challenge

- Submitted by @Spitfire6464

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We want your 65 year old a*** to whoop your kids a*** on the tennis court”.

- Submitted by Tarra Bercegeay of Palm Springs, USA

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Richard Branson writing a letter


We've loved reading your letters to yourself at 10, 25, 50, and 65-years-old. How about looking forward and writing one to yourself at 85 years-old?

- Submitted by Holly and Sam Branson 

Read My letter to 85 year-old me


Hi! I would love to know for a book I am writing what top qualities you look for a potential employer?

- Submitted by @marketingkj

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Your story has so many moments that we can draw inspiration from. Share a moment we don't know about you

- Submitted by Seranya of South Africa

Read An untold story 


We challenge you to film yourself trying to say your favourite tongue-twister.

- Submitted by Virgin

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@VirginGroup sent me a #challengerichard to try my favourite tongue-twister. Here goes!

A video posted by Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on

And one more for good measure... and because happiness is best shared...


Find 65 people were born on the same day as you and wish them a happy birthday via card or phone!

- Submitted by Sue Edwards of West Sussex UK


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