#5words – I like to create things

When Google's Larry Page was asked: "What do you do?", he summed it up in just five words: "I help people find things". Inspired by Larry's succinct yet insightful answer, I asked you to do the same. Here are some of the top responses.



  • Erin Minta: I build confidence in students
  • Monique De Jager: I show people new worlds (I own a bookstore)
  • Godwin Winny Anderson: I give teenagers a good orientation
  • Jan Goss-Gibson: I connect people with success
  • Robyn Illingworth: Teach lifelong joy of swimming
  • Johann Malan: I make broken people smile
  • Georgina Terry: Help turn passions to profits
  • Brin Surnam: I am creating a life
  • Lupita Gonzalez: I teach, but also learn
  • Vaibhav Maloo: I show people new light 
  • Raichel Le Goff: I keep the past alive
  • Kirsty Absalom: I dare to dream big
In thought

In return, many people asked me the same question... 

I like to create things 

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