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I love meeting entrepreneurs with innovative products that can really improve people’s lives. Sam and I have invested in a few innovative start-ups that look to have a positive impact on society with business models that place equal importance on purpose and profit.

One of the companies we have invested in is Beryl, creator of the Laserlight, which tackles the issue of cyclist visibility in vehicle blind spots, projecting an image of a cyclist 6m in front of your bike.

Dad, Sam and I all love cycling – we’ve done thousands of kilometres between us. I work at Virgin Management’s head office in London and know how dangerous cycling on our capital’s roads can be – so it’s great to see a product that could keep people safer when they are cycling. It’s fantastic that the technology has now been adopted by the city bikes of London, New York, Montreal and Glasgow.

They are now launching the next generation of the Laserlight on KickStarter – designed to be the world’s safest bike light. The founder Emily Brooke told me they had an independent study done which proved the Laserlight made a cyclist 32% more visible. While they have had great success with their product already, the goal now is to bring the safety benefits to as many people as possible. They have reengineered the product to have their sharpest laser projection ever, micro USB charging, a high performance battery and it’s super lightweight.

They are also in the process of becoming a certified B-Corporation, which means they have committed to having a sustainable supply chain and strive every day to meet exceptional standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. I wish them success with their next generation product – to find out more head over to Kickstarter.


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