Digging deep and striving in Morocco

It’s great to be writing a blog about another absolutely incredible Strive Challenge. This year we took an brilliant group of entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change-makers on a five-day trek through the Moroccan desert. 

We mountain biked, hiked and climbed our way to North Africa’s highest peak, Mt Toubkal.

We completed long and tiring days, waking up under the stars and setting off before sunrise, climbing mountains and mountain biking through valleys in 38 degree heat. The intense desert heat was unbearable at times, and the dusty conditions caused dry throats and sore eyes, but it was all worth it. The views were indescribable.

Along the way we had the pleasure of meeting lots of the Berber community. They really are a community full of generous, kind-spirited and welcoming people and we were always greeted with huge smiles and high fives from the kids, eager to meet us.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though; there were bike crashes – thankfully without major injury – and as we worked our way up Mt Toubkal several people struggled with the extreme rise in altitude, experiencing headaches and different ailments along the way. As we moved closer to the summit, one person was affected so greatly that they passed out and another needed supplemental oxygen to keep going; but they did keep going and we all completed the challenge side by side.

I created the Strive Challenge with the ambition of providing experiences and environments where people have the chance to test themselves and learn from being outside their comfort zone. Realising they can achieve things they never thought possible by digging deep and finding where their resilience comes from is so empowering – I will always be humbled and inspired by the people who join us.

It was an emotional, challenging and brilliant experience. I’m so happy for everyone who took part and for what we can achieve at Big Change thanks to their support.


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