Future Visions

About this podcast

Will robots steal our jobs? How will shopping feel in virtual reality? Future Visions explores the surreal world of tomorrow through the finest minds of today.

With the help of scientists, experts and respected futurologists, presenter Natalie Campbell (Badass Women’s Hour / A Very Good Company) peers into the crystal ball to imagine what the world will look like in 20 years’ time - and what we’ll need in our future toolkit to survive.

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Series 1

02: Are we heading towards a robotic doomsday?

Natalie Campbell explores the thoughts of Araceli Camargo - an esteemed entrepreneur and cognitive neuroscientist who believes artificial intelligence could spell a new chapter in human development.


04: Is the future female?

Cindy Gallop, former ad-consultant turned sex-tech entrepreneur (MakeLoveNotPorn), believes "in order to predict the future you have to invent it".


07: Future Visions live in London

Natalie Campbell hosts a live Future Visions panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and the future of work from THECUBE London.