Virgin Unite, Ocean Unite, The Norfolk BrOARds
3 Women - 1 Boat - 1 Ocean - 3000 Miles

What happens when a business analyst, a councillor and a postie decide to row an ocean together? We don't know either, but we're going to find out! There will be lots of laughs along the way too. 

Affectionately known as Shark Bait, Nuts & Boots, we're three friends brought together by a mutual love of the sea, with a shared passion for adventure, challenge and pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible. We want to make our mark on the world while we are here and to inspire others of all ages and abilities to live their lives with no regrets.

We're all members of the King's Lynn Coastal Rowing Club and love nothing better than spending sunny, and not so sunny days surfing down the waves on the Norfolk coast in a St Ayles Skiff. 

After deciding to take on the Atlantic to raise money for The RNLI (Lifeboats) MIND (Mental Health), Huntington’s Disease Association, Ellie’s Love and Nelsons Coastal Watersports Trust, we felt we wanted to do more and take the whole raising awareness of ocean pollution and the plastics issues a step further. The world is now very aware of the problems we face and somebody has to start actually doing something. We need to stop talking about it and using it as a means to grab attention. We need to start building for the future. We are doing just that.

Our involvement in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge will be a Worlds first in boat building. We want the 2019 race to see the Worlds first ECO boat make the 3000 mile crossing.

Traditionally, ocean rowing boats have been made out of a layer of foam sandwiched between fibreglass, carbon or Kevlar, with resin to bind it all together and give it strength. We have seen the terrible impact of plastics on our oceans and there are now plenty of initiatives raising awareness of this issue. The irony of boat use is that while boats allow people to get closer to nature and the marine environment, the boats themselves are not environmentally friendly, especially not when considering the materials and energy used in building them. 

So we intend for our boat to be built from sustainable and ‘green’ glass fibre by a company using only ‘green’ energy to produce it. The foam will be recycled from 100% post-consumer source and the resin is a ‘green’ epoxy produced with 38% carbon from plant origin. The boat building company is even hand rolling all materials instead of vacuum infusing! 

We are The Norfolk BrOARds and we want to make a difference to the future of our oceans and our planet! We want to inspire others to DO instead of simply talking about doing! Sponsorship is key to us making this happen.