Ocean Unite, Miguel Calatayud
CEO, & Director of Qualitas Health

Miguel is the CEO of Qualitas Health, a disruptive and sustainable algae-based Nutrition company, that produces plant-based Omega-3 and plant-based Protein, using non-arable land and salt water and helps rural communities. “Together we create sustainable food solutions for everyone and our planet”

He was the COO of Ultracongelados Virto S.A., a leading frozen food company from Spain, growing over 700 million lbs./year of vegetables in 5 continents. He co-founded two food companies (including Blencor, LLC.) and done business globally for over 20 years. He serves as Vice President of the Spain-Texas Chamber of Commerce, as Board Member of GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) and as Director- Board Member in several industry related, and nonprofit organizations.

Miguel holds a 2014 - 2018 YPO Harvard Business School President´s Program, an MBA from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (ICADE), a  Master of Global Logistics from ICIL, a Master of Finance from ESIC and  Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Universidad Pública de Navarra.