Virgin Unite. Ocean Unite. Carter Ries
Co-founder, One More Generation

Carter is now 16 and has been running the nonprofit One More Generation with his sister Olivia since 2009. Together they aim to inspire youth around the world to stand up and be heard and to realize that their voices matter. Carter plays varsity soccer at his high school, enjoys playing piano and is a bonafide 'card-carrying' magician which wows audiences everywhere he goes. He hopes to attend MIT someday where he plans to earn his degree as a mechanical or aeronautical engineer.  He plans on using his engineering talents to help solve some of the worlds problems like 'plastic pollution' or tackling poaching. Carter loves to travel and welcomes every opportunity to address audiences around the world. Some of his idols are Jane Goodall, Dr. Sylvia Earl and Sir Richard Branson (who he hopes to meet sometime so he can buy him a cup of coffee and they can share their ideas of making the world a better place).