The man who moves mountains for Virgin Mobile USA

When he’s not sharing trivia about Led Zeppelin or dabbling in a spot of amateur robotics, Todd Decker is busy keeping running trouble-free. Meet a true Virgin star…

Todd puts the ‘dot com’ in Seriously, we couldn’t sell phones on our website if it weren’t for Todd’s technical wizardry and mad project management skills.

First, you can check all the boxes when it comes to knowledge, expertise, leadership and experience. And he always has a smile on his face. Second, much like Liam Neeson in the movie Taken, Todd possesses ‘a very particular set of skills’ ranging from technical web development to functional user experience. It’s this cross-section of skills that justifies his title of Director, Integration.

While there was a skeleton crew on the web team when Todd arrived nearly one year ago, he simultaneously integrated this team into the Virgin culture and pushed the website forward.Today, Todd manages 26 full-time employees and contractors on this mission-critical web team. In fact, his team makes up 40 per cent of the entire 65-person team at Virgin Mobile USA.

“When the developers had a blocking issue, Todd was there to fix it so we could keep working,” says one member of the Virgin Mobile USA web team. “He moved mountains for us! There have been a few occasions when I’ve had to talk to Todd about some big issues during some pretty stressful times. They were things that would have upset me if I were Todd, but he handled the situations very calmly and listened to what I had to say. He is a great leader!”

Like the attributes of a true Virgin rockstar, Todd is accessibly informal and digs music. Todd loaded up the Virgin Mobile USA Spotify playlist in the office with classic rock staples from Led Zeppelin and the Who. Plus, like Cliff Clavin on the television show Cheers, he always has a rare bit of trivia to share about the bands, and loves to talk music and concerts with anyone.

“When it comes to leadership attributes, Todd has them all,” says another web team member. “He definitely displayed all of these during the activations project. In fact, I believe Todd having these attributes is a big part of why our activations are so successful.”

Most importantly, Todd genuinely cares about his team and the website. He often sacrifices the ‘life’ part of his work-life balance during an accelerated production schedule for a brand-new website, but he loves to work fast and get the job done right.

Outside the office, Todd’s passion is to coach his daughter’s robotics team and encourage young engineering minds. He even took the robotics team on the road for competitions and still didn’t miss a beat when it came to milestones. And the team made it through regionals and is headed to nationals!

To keep up with Todd, follow him on Twitter @ptdecker


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