Three things we learnt about building healthy habits from Live.Life.Better.

Last week's episode of Live.Life.Better. saw Melissa Hemsley meet authors Megan Jayne Crabbe (Body Positive Power) and Roman Krznaric (Empathy: Why it Matters and How To Get It/Carpe Diem Regained) to discuss breaking out of your comfort zone and building a positive mindset.

Here’s three things we learnt about creating healthy habits from the episode:

1. Don’t become obsessed with perfection

As the saying goes, ‘done is better than perfect’. It’s easy in the social media world to compare yourself to other people, and develop an obsession with perfection. But, Megan is keen to point out that perfection doesn’t really exist.

She says: “In terms of body image, in terms of physical perfection, we very much grow up with everything around us saying that happiness is something that only comes when you hit perfection. And perfection is always a few more pounds down.

“In the diet industry in particular, it’s always this idea of you’ll be happy when… There is always something to fix, there is always a new problem area to work on and then you will be happy. And it’s the realisation that that kind of perfection does not exist. It has never existed. It is literally made up and people are profiting off it.

2. There’s power in thinking about your own mortality

In a busy world, it’s common to not spend too much time focusing on the fact that one day you will die. But Roman regularly reminds himself of his own mortality.

He says: “One of the things I do each day, which might sound a little bit weird, is I give myself the gift of a daily death pause. What I mean by that is I sit for a few minutes and I think about my own mortality, the fact that I may not be here forever. We often don’t think about how life is short and time is ticking and we’re checking our phones a hundred times a day and spending 10 hours a day online.

“In my daily death pause I like to just put my life into perspective on who I am. I don’t just think of myself lying in a coffin all pale, I do little experiments like the one I call the Dinner Party of the Afterlife. So imagine you’re dead and you go along to this dinner party in the afterlife and there are all the other yous, who you could have been if you had made different choices.”

Roman says that this exercise helps him to consider how the choices that he makes each day affect where his life is going on a longer term scale. 

You are allowed to create this safe space and unfollow people who make you feel rubbish about yourself

3. You should surround yourself by positivity

Social media has a bad reputation for not being a positive place but Megan says that doesn’t have to be the case. She thinks that it’s time we took control back of the people and the messages that surround us.

“I think that it is really important to surround yourself with the kind of energy you want to be getting back. Particularly in terms of social media, people don’t realise how easy it is to cultivate your social media into a space that doesn’t make you feel crap about yourself,” she says.

“And actually, you are allowed to create this safe space and unfollow people who make you feel rubbish about yourself and fill it up with people who are diverse physically and people who are putting positivity into the world as well. That’s something I always have so even if I’m not having the greatest day, I have a safe space to come back to, I have people who are talking about body positivity to put me back into that good place.”

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