‘Life-splicing’ trend emerges in Britain

A research project conducted by Virgin Trains East Coast in Newcastle has unearthed an interesting trend amongst locals – the concept of 'life-splicing'.

According to the research, almost half (48 per cent) of people in the northern city are juggling more life-tasks in less time than ever before. These newly found time pressures have led to over two thirds (66 per cent) of Geordies resorting to life-splicing, which sees them use small pockets of time throughout the day, little and often, to take control of their busy lives and get things ticked off their personal admin list quicker.

Commenting on the trend, Jo Feeley, Founder of Trend Bible, noted: "We’re seeing a real shift in how people are interchanging work and leisure activities throughout the day. Whereas we used to do things over longer, set periods of time - busier lives have meant people have had to get used to being more productive on-the-go. 

"Technology affords us the opportunity to do things where and when we want to do them, driving this trend for life-splicing and inspiring people to find a balance that suits them. Whether it’s booking a doctor’s appointment or sending a few quick emails on the way to visit a friend outside of the city, this shift to life admin on the move means that when people arrive at their destination, they can get moving and make the most of their day."

The increasingly busy lives being led by so many is resulting in many day-to-day changes for people, with over half (51 per cent) now claiming to create personal to-do lists in order to take control of their lives. With so much to do in the city, explains Suzanne Donnelly, Virgin Trains’ Commercial Director for east coast services, it’s little surprise locals are experiencing such time pressures.

"With more going on in Newcastle than ever, from food festivals to new cafes and music venues, it’s clear life-splicing is proving the solution for Geordies to make the most of their time," commented Donnelly.

"We’ve definitely spotted a rise in our customers using their journeys with us to get stuff done - a trip to London is only three hours and we’re seeing people make the most of their time whether it’s doing some writing, catching up on emails, making important phone calls, or catching up on their favourite box sets on Beam, our onboard entertainment service."

To experience life in Newcastle for yourself, head over to the Virgin Trains East Coast website and book your ticket. Alternatively, if you’re after more advice on how to manage your time, why not check out our Spotlight on Fulfilling Potential.


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