What does the modern British family spend its time doing?

Over the course of one year the average British family will have 452 arguments, will kiss each other 1,508 times and spend almost 14 hours waiting for the kettle to boil - according to a new study from Virgin Money Life Insurance.

The nationwide research project, which consulted 2,000 UK families with children living at home, looks to build up a comprehensive picture of what an average British family spends their time doing. According to the report families will typically watch 489 hours of television a year and order 60 takeaways, while indulging in 1,456 hugs and 972 fits of laughter.

As you might expect, given some of the above findings, 62 per cent of those asked described themselves as a  “very happy family” and a further 36 percent claiming to be “happy most of the time”. 

“Our study took an in-depth look at the lifestyle habits of modern British families, and the results are heart-warming. We all lead such busy lives - with parents in particular having to carefully balance the demands of working life with the daily challenges that come with running a family home. Despite this, the research shows families still make time to love, laugh and have fun together,” noted Jayne Warner, Head of Life Insurance at Virgin Money.

“These survey findings also reflect how much we depend on each other to keep family life running smoothly. We’re struck by how hard it would be for many families to cope without the support of their partner and/or their wider family. It emphasises how crucial it is to ensure that we have plans in place to keep family life going no matter what life throws at us.”

When it comes to general family life, two thirds of parents polled said they simply couldn’t manage without the help and support of their partner, while a further three in ten said they couldn’t cope without the support of their mum.

To find out more about the research project, including more fascinating facts, head over to the Virgin Money website.


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