Fulfilling potential

Fulfilling your potential is all about chasing your dreams and achieving things you never thought you were capable of. Imagine a world where everyone was encouraged to be the best version of themselves and the things we could do if we all came together. 

This is the theme of our new campaign on Virgin.com, which will be guest-edited by Simon Sinek. Under his guidance we will look at how we can all work towards fulfilling our true potential in 2018.

Simon has authored bestselling titles including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last and his newest book, Together is Better. Simon teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people and has presented his ideas around the world.

I’ve had some fascinating chats with Simon as we took part in Strive challenge and I know how committed he feels to helping people to become all that they can be. 

He shared some of his ideas on how we can fulfil our potential if we take care of each other. He wrote in his editor’s letter earlier in the week that the only true way for any of us to grow and to truly fulfil our full potential, is to work and help others do the same.

I completely agree with Simon. I’ve always wanted to change business for good and disrupt stagnant industries, but I have only been able to achieve everything I have because I have a great team behind me I can trust. 

In recent times I have been switching more and more of my focus towards trying to help solve some of the bigger issues of our time - climate change, universal healthcare and the protection of human rights. These problems are far too vast to combat alone. Our voice is much louder when we’re all shouting together. That’s why we’ve created groups such as the Carbon War Room (now merged with the Rocky Mountain Institute), The Elders and The B Team. I would love to see humanity coming together as a species to achieve our full potential by safeguarding our planet for future generations, and ensuring they have access to healthcare and human rights no matter where they are in the world. As human beings, we have an incredible capacity to imagine, create and innovate – and this is why I am always optimistic about the future. 

We’ll also be focusing on dyslexia, an issue very close to my heart, and how we can help encourage young people to achieve big things even in the face of challenges. Simon has ADD, but like myself with my dyslexia, was not diagnosed until early adulthood. We both pondered whether being labelled would have helped or hindered us as a child – but both agreed that our “disabilities” have actually helped us achieve great things and make us stand out. For that reason, we will be celebrating dyslexia and alternative thinking.

As a business, Virgin wants to change business for good. It’s a mantra we live by as a family business, and I have seen first-hand how looking after your people can spark new creative ideas and drive innovation. It also inspires loyalty and makes people happy to do their jobs to their full potential.

It’s great to see the many different Virgin companies embody this spirit through different initiatives. For example, Virgin Media is aiming to help one million disabled people get into work with their #WorkWithMe campaign and Virgin Trains is helping ex-offenders find roles through their employment programme. 

As part of the campaign we’ll also be collaborating with Virgin Books and Penguin Living to launch the second series of our self-improvement podcast Live.Life.Better (more on this to come later). 

I hope this campaign inspires you to get out there, meet some people, learn something new and to shout a little bit louder for the things that matter alongside the people you care about. Let’s make 2018 the year we come together to achieve our full potential.


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