Last month Hurricane Irma tore through the British Virgin Islands and surrounding areas, causing unprecedented devastation to anything in its path.

Recorded as the biggest tropical storm in the Atlantic in history, it is likely it will be some years before the region is fully recovered.

Your support is invaluable, please donate to support the recovery of the BVI 

In the immediate aftermath of Irma, Sam Branson travelled to the BVI to help with relief and aid efforts. While out there, he kept a video diary on his phone throughout, filming incredible human stories and capturing the efforts of so many people striving to survive and attempt to rebuild their lives. 

Since being back, Sam has used this footage to create a free, short, online film to shine a light on the situation on the ground – giving loved ones a way to connect to their families there and help people really understand the severity of the situation. 

It’s an honest and challenging account, please watch and share.

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