Using mobile phones as a force for good in the classroom

I’ve been a long-time advocate of rethinking education, and have often spoken out about how we can do things differently, in order to help better prepare young people to thrive in the real world. There is obviously no one simple solution, however I was inspired to hear about a Virgin Mobile Australia initiative that is having a wonderful impact.

As you can see in the video above, Virgin Mobile Australia have partnered with not-for-profit Smiling Mind and their mobile app to encourage mindfulness in Australian schools. It’s a wonderful initiative, and I applaud Virgin Mobile Australia CEO, James Gully, for leading by example and visiting classrooms to promote mental wellbeing.  

At Virgin, we believe that we have a responsibility to change business for good. Virgin Mobile is in the business of connecting people through the power of mobile; however, we are fully aware that being constantly connected can lead to digital overload and disconnection from the world around us.

Together Virgin Mobile Australia and Smiling Mind are seeking to combat this by equipping people with the tools they need to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their day. Imagine what these young people can achieve as future leaders if they are armed with the tools they need to look after their minds, and develop important skills such as resilience, empathy and compassion.

To date, the Smiling Mind app has been connected with over 25,000 educators. We are proud to invest in young people and ultimately help to support generations of healthy people.

From what I hear, our people at Virgin Mobile Australia’s head office and within our retail sites around the country love participating in the mindfulness practices too. At Virgin, we place great focus and importance on employee wellbeing. It’s our people who drive our success, so we strive to maintain a healthy and happy culture, and create environments in which everyone can flourish.

I encourage every school kid, adult, parent or business leader to switch off from your emails and social media every now and again and give Smiling Mind a go.


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