Kissed by a shark and hit by a door

I’ve been in the wars this week over in the Cayman Islands. I was very excited to make the trip to Grand Cayman for a special swim with dozens of beautiful rays. But it didn’t quite go to plan…


We joined renowned ocean conservationist Guy Harvey to see the rays up close at Stingray City Sandbar. We were surrounded by stingray, as well as stunning coral reefs and tropical fish. 


But the rays were feeding all around, and they mistook yours truly for their food. Suddenly I felt a painful sensation on my wrist – they have one heck of a painful kiss! Rays are actually part of the shark family, so I've now been kissed by a shark.


We made it back to shore and I put on a brave face as I got some treatment. I also caught up with the wonderful actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who had came over with the talented photographer Shawna Ankenbrandt


She captured this stunning image of a model swimming amongst the rays. Later I joined Guy to discuss ocean conservation and the need for sustainable marine environments. I’m still proudly campaigning to protect rays, even if I did get kissed! Apparently it gives seven years good luck.


The good luck didn't start right away though. As my anniversary was coming up, I popped into a local jewellery shop to look for a gift for Joan. I strolled purposefully into the shop, not noticing there was a glass door in my way. Crash! 


 I hit the glass head first and I got this painful cut above my left eye. It was bullet-proof glass! We quickly set up a makeshift operating theatre, where I was given three stitches. 

Anna Kournikova, Richard Branson

By now I was feeling rather woozy, and quite embarrassed, but I was still smiling. Later, there was time for me to take part in a tennis tournament, Legends at Camana Bay.I was fortunate enough to join in the mixed doubles, with Anna Kournikova, Mansour Bahrami and Ashley Harkleroad. Tough job, but somebody had to do it! 


I invited every ball boy and girl to share one of my shots each and we made for a much stronger team as a result. We had a lot of fun on court and hopefully made people smile. It certainly made me forget all about my injuries, and I’m well on the road to recovery now.


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