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"Books," says entrepreneur Dan Kieran, "are the ultimate delivery mechanism for ideas in human history."

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Dan went from being a best-selling author to cleaning basements in Bognor to being the CEO of an award-winning publisher. His journey, about which he is disarmingly honest, is quite an inspiring one.

He joins me for the first of two programmes about the business of books.

Image credit: Dan Kieran

His company, Unbound, which brings crowdfunding to publishing, was set up in reaction to the disruption the internet has caused publishing, to address the dismal financial plight of the writer.

"You can’t learn to be an entrepreneur at university," he says. 

"The hunger, the bloody-mindedness, the vision... you don’t find that in spreadsheets. You find that in who you are. Running a business is the greatest self-improvement exercise you can ever go on. Every weakness you have will be put under a microscope. You either deal with it or you crack."

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