Virgin TV launches personalised Video on Demand channel for kids

Kids will now be able to watch Teletubbies whenever they want thanks to Virgin Media’s new on demand channel.

My Virgin TV Kids, which has been created in partnership with, will be home to some household favourites including Pingu, Caillou, Bob the Builder and Franny’s Feet.

Image from Virgin Media

My Virgin TV Kids will enable kids to create their own personalised playlists. They will be able to enjoy a range of TV favourites, including Teletubbies and Bob the Builder, by entering the VoD channel through the Virgin TV programming guide. They can then watch TV or scroll forward or backward in the guide to pick the show they want – regardless of when it’s scheduled to run.

The new on demand channel will use advanced technology from to learn and personalise programming as kids choose what to watch or to skip; developing recommendations based on the child’s favourite themes, characters and programmes and generating intelligent, personalised playlists.

Image from Virgin Media

My Virgin TV Kids is a safe environment for children, no personal data will be collected or stored, and once in the VoD channel, all of the content is child friendly and free from adverts. Kids can create their own profile or simply watch TV as they would on any other channel.

Find out more about My Virgin TV Kids by visiting Virgin Media.


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