Virgin Produced showcases Hollywood's sounds of nature

Virgin Produced has teamed up with Conservation International to showcase a series of films about nature.

Voiced by the likes of Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and Kevin Spacey, the films focus on the fact that “nature doesn’t need people, people need nature”. They’re being screened on the Virgin Produced Channel on Virgin America flights now, and will be screened on Virgin Australia flights from December.

Virgin Founder Richard Branson is very passionate about conservation and looking after nature. “I  believe that everyone should do all they can to help the environment prosper,” he said. “But in doing this, we first need to understand how much we, as humans, need the planet to prosper.”

All of the stars behind the video are also passionate about Conservation International's campaign to protect nature. “The environment has become a political, polarising issue,” Harrison Ford said. “It's time to change the conversation about nature to focus on what we all have in common: Our shared humanity.”

“Nature's message is clear, we can't keep doing what we're doing now,” Kevin Spacey added. “Clean sustainable energy is crucial and cannot wait... We have to start listening to nature now.”

You can also view the films on the Conservation International's Nature Is Speaking website.


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